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Adolescent DBT Therapy


DBT also has a large body of research showing that it is effective for suicidal  or emotionally dysregulated teens. Comprehensive DBT for adolescents is a  program with multiple modes of treatment targeting multiple areas that treat  the adolescent, give the family tools, and looks to help the family system.

ADOLESCENT DBT: Skills Training

Adolescent DBT Skills Training is a 2 ½ hour weekly group (with a break) for  both the adolescent and caregivers. It is designed to enhance the capacity of  the individual, care givers, and the family unit in the areas of Core  Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Walking the Middle Path, Emotion  Regulation, and Distress Tolerance. 

There is a classroom atmosphere with  skills being taught, practiced, and practice assigned outside of class. The first  half of the class is spent reviewing your practice over the last week, while the  second is learning a new skill. Going through all the modules takes about 25 weeks. And each module is about 6 weeks long. Research for adolescents  also supports two times through the class, or approximately one year  treatment, for best skills acquisition and retention.

ADOLESCENT DBT: Individual Sessions

Adolescent DBT Individual Therapy is once a week for as long as the patient is  in the program. The purpose is to help maintain motivation for the treatment  and apply what is being learned in a skills group specifically to your life. 

ADOLESCENT DBT: Individual/Family Therapy

Family Individual Therapy sessions are also held periodically to look at skill  use in the system, and help generalize skills learned in class. These are  typically once a month, and may vary based on discussion with the clinician.

DBT Adolescent: Phone Coaching

Adolescent DBT Phone Coaching is designed to help the adolescent apply  what they are learning when they need it. Phone coaching is also available for parents to emphasize their use of skills outside of class and therapy. Both the  parents and child will have access to the therapist between group and session to get coaching on how to cope and use the skills they’re learning.

ADOLESCENT DBT: Consultation Team

Consultation Team is a weekly meeting for the treatment providers to provide  support and ensure fidelity to the DBT model. This provides opportunities for  collaboration and support that ensure that you are getting a motivated and  well informed therapist.

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